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About Us


Silitel Car Care is a reputed company name which provides car ac services in Chennai. Our company provides car ac service with great dedication and perfection. Each and every detail is taken into consideration. Silitel Car Care is a leading car ac service providers in Chennai. We provide service for all brands of car AC. We have many years of experience and all these years of experience has helped us in providing quality service to the customers. Experience is very much important in this field. Our recruitment method is also tough. We make sure that the best and experienced person are selected. Even after selection there is a training period which makes these service person even more efficient. All these things are done to make sure, optimum quality is given to the customers. We deal in car ac service of all brands. We provide service all over Chennai. We also have option of doorstep service all over Chennai. The doorstep service of car ac is very much beneficiary to the customers. They can be at their residence or office and give us a call. We will be right there at the customer place and solve the ac issue. Silitel Car Care has the motto of providing quality service and good customer service.

Car ac service if done in a quality way will bring in more referenced customers. This is where the growth of the company is. When people recognize our good work and refer us to other customers then that is an achievement. Service is a very tough field and to get good name in this field requires lot of hard work and continuous good work. New customers brings in more growth to the company and this can be achieved only by hard work and dedication. And our company is known to do its best in terms of hard work and dedication. This has been the story of the growth of our company in becoming the best among many car ac service centers in Chennai.